Louis 15th Period Commode

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This charming commode is Louis XV period and dates from circa 1760. The commode is crafted in chĂȘne (oak) and hails from the Aquitaine province of France in the region of Bordeaux.
The curved serpentine front, carved scrolls and escargot feet are Rococo in style and unmistakably Louis XV yet this is a provincial piece of furniture. The florid lines of the piece are reservedly restrained . It is not ostentatious or flamboyant. The commode was made to the requirements of a provincial , mid 18th century Burgundian home and as such it is discreetly attuned to the fashion of the time yet earnest and egalitarian in spirit.
The commode is not over restored and is presented with the integrity of it's original patina. There is some time- worn erosion to the front left hand foot which I have chosen not to remediate in order to protect the authenticity of the carving. The decision for any potential restoration of the sort will belong to the future owner of the commode.
It is to be noted that the chiseled bronze hardware is not contemporary to the piece, although entirely appropriate.
The existence of a secret drawer is a touching personal detail - what private documents or billets doux may have once been secreted away in this hidden recess ?

length 1240 mm, depth 620 mm, height 950 mm.